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To beat the corona crisis #together we need to be united and help each other out. Therefore we are offering a 30 min consultancy call for free in which you can ask us anything related to doing business internationally in times of lockdown. 

We can imagine that you as a founder will have a lot of questions on your mind right now, we want to help you on this! So schedule that call or consult our FAQ. weGrow's network of local experts is online to make sure your international strategy continues to grow your company. 

Meet our local experts

They can provide you with insights into the local markets and help you to keep operating internationally in times of lock-down. Proudly we present our local heroes in Amsterdam, Berlin, Paris and London. 

Lothar Krause 🇩🇪


20+ years online marketing and sales experience. Proven track record of building, managing, motivating and scaling international teams for start-ups and fast-growing companies. 

 Geared to achieve objectives.

Located in Berlin, Germany

Laurence Harroch 🇫🇷


20+ years of experience in the internet advertising industry in Paris: Digital technology, online marketing & data. Strong expertise in Digital Marketing, e-commerce, Team Management, and Communication. International and innovative mindset. 

Located in Paris, France  

Laurent Gibb 🇬🇧


Senior leader with 20+ years experience scaling startups and tech companies across the UK, Europe and globally. Significant expertise in creating and executing high growth strategies in HRTech, Martech & e-commerce, Marketplace and SaaS space.

Located in London, UK

Arjan Brienen 🇳🇱

20+ years of experience in M&A, growth finance and investment. 

CFO in multiple international


Located in Amsterdam

Joost van Deursen 🇳🇱

20+ years of experience in HR and digital transformation. Strong experience in leadership, team development & organisational change

Located in Amsterdam

Edo van der Bas 🇳🇱

20+ years of experience as a committed team leader with a record of managing international teams in driving change and strategic growth.

Located in Amsterdam

Gernot Schwendtner 🇦🇹

Co-founder of weGrow. Numerous entrepreneurial and leadership roles in New Business, Digital/ E-Commerce, Media and Management throughout Europe. Part-time lecturer, experienced coach. 

Located in Amsterdam

Florent Coudyser 🇫🇷

Co-founder of weGrow. 15+ years industry experience across online media, e-commerce, advertising, data management, programmatic and performance marketing. Learning & development as passion.

Located in Amsterdam

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Check it out! It might save you some brainpower. 

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