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Purpose of the program:

Together with Switzerland Global Enterprise, weGrow has created a unique academic program designed to empower Swiss startups to effectively internationalise. Leveraging our experience on 200+ expansion projects, we've created tools and frameworks that we'll help you apply to your company's unique situation. 

We developed this program because we saw a need - some companies who are ready to expand may not have the funding for a boutique consulting experience. Others may not be sure if they are actually ready, and want to know more. Still others may be looking for guidance and sparring partners on their journey, but already have tentative ideas they want to explore. 

Workshops lay the foundation. Coaches with expertise in your target markets offer support. Meanwhile, you develop a network of co-founders, locals and industrial experts. Enjoy full access to SGE's business hubs and weGrow's expansive international network.

  • You will learn how to scale your company best internationally

  • You will develop, test and direct your own market entry strategy

  • You will meet and connect with like-minded founders & peers

  • You will benefit from an international network of market experts, coaches, investors and talents

Outline of the program:


Introduction to Expansion

13:30-17:30: in person at SGE's offices in Zurich

Get an overview of the program, while connecting with fellow founders. We'll work together to outline concrete expansion goals and define the parameters for your new market selection, including measurement and evaluation.


Go-To-Market Strategy

09:00 - 12:00: virtual

Understanding your target market(s) with input from SGE hubs & experts. We'll dive deep into defining your go-to-market strategy, exploring together what best applies to your situation. Your individual coaches will also be introduced. 

One-on-one Coaching Session

to be scheduled based on mutual availability


Succeeding in your Chosen Market

09:00 - 12:00: virtual

International recruitment and managing a growing team: what organisational readiness will you need to define as your expand? Understanding the nuances of your chosen market and where your product fits.

One-on-one Coaching Session

to be scheduled based on mutual availability


Next Steps & Feedback

13:30-17:30: in person at SGE's offices in Zurich

After working with your individual coaches, gaining insights with weGrow and SGE experts, you'll present your fully-formed strategy. We'll discuss how things have evolved, where potential roadblocks and risks exist, and how to mitigate them. We'll also look to next steps including funding and resources. 

Ideal Participant Profile:

Participants of the Expand Globally: Swiss Edition must be incorporated in Switzerland. As the program is designed with founders in mind, we recommend that attendees be founders in order to maximize peer-to-peer learning opportunities. In addition, we recommend the following profile:

  • Founders of companies with enthusiasm for co-creating strategies and applying new learnings, who can commit to attending all four workshops

  • An organization with demonstrated reoccurring revenue and 3-19 FTEs

  • Plans to expand to new markets in the future


Expand Globally: Swiss Edition is sponsored by program partner Switzerland Global Enterprise. The program is intended to be accessible to all, therefore the cost to participate is only 1500CHF.  

Deadline: March 8th, 2022


If you have any questions or want to know if Expand Globally is right for you, send an email to program manager

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