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Expansion as a Service

If speed and strategy are equally important in your expansion journey, then weGrow can get your overseas operations up and running as quickly as possible with the right local expertise. 

Successful outcomes for

How do we do it?

As you expand operations internationally, meet local compliances and understand

the right hiring requirements, you lose time.

weGrow can be your local support

Expansion or Country


Temporary placement from weGrow's local experts

Period (months)

3, 6 or 9

Choice of an initial period, flexible and extendable

Local, sector


Manager with local knowledge, guided by weGrow

Choose from

Country / Expansion Manager as a Service
Execute local roll-out before full-time hire

For a period of 3, 6 or 9 months in combination with International Markets services, let a weGrow local expert lead operational expansion for speed and efficiency. This allows your expansion to reach a level success before having to make hiring decisions and meet local compliances.scale-up industry.

Specific Local Expertise
From Account Managers or Content Marketers

Not all companies require a top-down local presence when expanding to new countries. If your business requires a specific role only, weGrow can provide local expertise for a temporary period during the "build phase".


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Freelancer Working from Home

CEO / Co-founder

Gernot Schwendtner

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Who leads the process?

Result-driven with a broad range of experience in international startups, scale-ups and VCs.

Hear from our clients


Local French

team for 18 mo.

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Country Launch and Management


Hybrid expansion

office, Austria



Capital C, Weesperplein 4B, 1018 XA Amsterdam

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