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M&A Advisory

Supporting you with pre- and post-merger integration centred around country, culture and language- centric challenges in fast-growth environments

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Identification and Enablement with the right team (of companies, advisors, accountants, and lawyers); strategic prioritisation of key actions, outcomes and transitional challenges; and supporting your negotiation process with a qualified and experienced team.




Building a clear and positive internal narrative; ensuring integration of teams through revised organisational charts, new hierarchies, JDs and OKRs; aligning of branding, accounting and processes, and setting timelines for completion of each phase.


Florent Coudyser - co-founder of weGrow B&W.jpg

Florent Coudyser


Who leads the process?

Duo with 5 successful exits, and over a decade of experience with mergers, acquisitions, exists and business-culture complexities

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Pallavi Paul

M&A Expert


Capital C, Weesperplein 4B, 1018 XA Amsterdam

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