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2021: The Year of Growth

5 months into 2021. Already 40 new clients and exciting expansion projects ongoing.

7 months to go and many more clients expanding internationally!

We love to support ambitious founders and companies

Our moonshot is to impact 100.000+ founders and the year 2021 is already in full swing. With new clients, partners, and engaging projects - there are endless opportunities to grow and to impact founders in their international growth journey. With each client, we help in different sectors of growth, ranging from go-to-market research & market roll-outs, hiring the right talent, finding investment, and more.

👉 Contact us for your international expansion and become part of our mission!

Our new clients branch out into many industries such as e-commerce, fast-commerce, B2B SaaS, MarTech, AdTech, MedTech, FinTech, EduTech, MedTech, marketplaces, mobility, logistics, and more. We are excited to introduce you to those frontrunners in innovation and growth:


HQ Location: Germany

Groceries delivered in 10 minutes at retail prices. Became one of the hottest European unicorns in 2021. Currently present in Germany, Netherlands and expanding quickly to the UK and France.

Sage & Archer

HQ Location: The Netherlands

Offer a media buying platform that enables marketers to buy advertising space on Mobile, Desktop, and Digital Out of Home in real-time. Currently expanding in Germany.

Rocket Delivery

HQ Location: Ukraine

Foodtech company that delivers exceptional service across all food delivery stakeholders: businesses, couriers and customers. Present across the Netherlands, Ukraine, and Cyprus. Much more to come :)

Trusted Shops

HQ Location: Germany

Offer the tools and services needed to ensure trust in the digital transformation. Their Trustmark and feedback system brings real transparency and security to all digital sectors.


HQ Location: The Netherlands

e-Commerce for the experience industry: End-to-end sales & marketing platform powered by AI that drives online traffic and implements dynamic pricing in real-time. Ready to ramp up a new age for the leisure industry.


HQ Location: The Netherlands

Tool for companies to identify B2B website visitors. Providing better insights on B2B visitors and companies to make better decisions and actions based on data.

Happy Soaps

HQ Location: The Netherlands

Provide 100% plastic-free beauty products, shipped to customer's households - and also in selected stores. All handmade in The Netherlands and free from palm tree oil.


HQ Location: The Netherlands

Offer a vetted marketplace with 500+ freelance content writers and designers, combined with best-in-class tools to increase content conversion and optimize creation process.

Advantage Austria

Austria’s official trade promotion organisation. Worked with weGrow on the Startup Globally program and guided 8 Austrian companies to build their expansion model.


HQ Location: Austria

Pioneering industrial Pay-per-use financing models. Fully automated and easy-to-use smart financing solutions to boost revenues and provide flexible repayment models.


HQ Location: The Netherlands

Provide high-impact trainings at the career points of professionals, using Lepaya's learning app and short interactive classroom sessions with the best trainers in class.


HQ Location: Germany

Revolutionise the beauty industry, by being more conscious and sustainable. Offer vegan and plastic-free nail products - better for clients and the planet.


HQ Location: The Netherlands

Smart logistical service designed to clean and optimise local food systems using refrigerated e-bikes and e-vans.


HQ Location: The Netherlands

Develop, manufacture and sell innovative electric bicycles for urban commuters. These products are sustainable and eco-friendly.

Leftshift One

HQ Location: Austria

Developed the “Artificial Intelligence Operating System by Leftshift One” – which functions as a toolbox for a variety of AI skills.


HQ Location: USA

Offer a platform that empowers independent app developers and publishers to control and maximize their digital advertising businesses by engaging their target audiences.


HQ Location: Austria

Enable direct communication via app and web, for everyday school and education situations. Achieved 1+ million downloads on the app store.


HQ Location: The Netherlands

With Electronic Bag Tags (EBTs), BAGTAG pulls the check-in process entirely off-airport. At a time where reducing touchpoints is essential, this enables future-proof travelling.

Fresh Ventures

HQ Location: The Netherlands

Venture building program and startup studio. Co-found companies with experienced professionals and entrepreneurs to address systemic challenges in the food system.

Vormats HQ Location: The Netherlands

Helps create videos for professional communication. They deliver expert tips on producing, planning and offer a sharable end result that is always on brand with automated editing.

Viewpoint system

HQ Location: Austria

Created Eye Hyper-Tracking® and pioneering the Digital Iris® technology, they constantly strive to create a new depth of connection between people and the digital world.

Hello Energy

HQ Location: The Netherlands

Leading SaaS solution for sustainability and portfolio managers in real estate companies, creating positive environmental impact.


HQ Location: Denmark

MuteBox ApS develops and produces modern telephone boxes for use in, among other things, open office environments.


HQ Location: Austria

Revolutionise IT support for private customers and small businesses. Large network of hundreds of technology professionals, who are networked via a specially developed app.


HQ Location: The Netherlands

Offer independent, as well as integrated, solutions for customer engagement and digital customer service, chatbots, media monitoring and data insights.

Advanced Store

HQ Location: Germany

Re-define programmatic advertising via their product: ad4mat. This performance display allows advertisers and publishers worldwide to achieve extraordinary revenues.


HQ Location: Austria

Deliver innovative, fully integrated software solutions to operate autonomous, self-navigating, and cooperative mobile shuttles.


HQ Location: The Netherlands

Develop a transparent construction industry through their cloud solution 12Build Matchmaker, and helps companies to receive and share documents for quotes and execution.

Connecting software

HQ Location: Austria

Provide integration, synchronization and productivity solutions to a global customer base across sectors, through their software integration platform, Connect Bridge.


HQ Location: Spain

Europe’s newest and most ambitious customer service company, solely focusing on cool brands that want to scale quickly.

Damn Plastic

HQ Location: Austria

Focused on providing plastic-free packaging solution and being a zero-waste event management company.

The Next Web

HQ Location: The Netherlands

Global digital brand that informs, inspires and connects people who love tech through media, events and services.

African clean energy

HQ Location: The Netherlands

B-Corp certified enterprise that produces and distributes the ACE One solar-biomass hybrid energy system. A small-yet-powerful smokeless stove, which also provides energy.


HQ Location: The Netherlands

Fostering software talent from overlooked regions and enabling social entrepreneurs through this talent. Partnered with a coding academy in Palestine to find talents.

Austrian Research Promotion Agency (FFG)

HQ Location: Austria

The national funding institution for applied research and development in Austria. Offer a comprehensive range of services for Austrian enterprises, research institutions, and researchers. Global Incubator Network Austria invites weGrow to support startups from Asia and the Middle East with their expansion plans.


HQ Location: USA

Built DVC, CML, and other developer tools for machine learning. On a mission to solve the complexity of managing datasets, ML infrastructure, ML models lifecycle management.

Alturos Destinations

HQ Location: Austria

Ensures that digital strategies within the field of tourism get both perfectly planned and implemented. With Skiline®, they are the market leader in digital winter sports entertainment.


HQ Location: The Netherlands

PastBook’s Intelligent Instant Photo Book platform automatically and intelligently selects the best photos to arrange them into a beautiful photo product.


HQ Location: The Netherlands

Develops online programs with the aim of giving people back control over their own care and organizing it around themselves. Using social networks towards recovery.

👉 Contact us for your international expansion and become part of our mission!

How do we get to our clients?

Speed, flexibility, and market expertise - those are qualities founders highlight about working with weGrow's expansion teams. Also: Our hands-on advisory work, combined with strategic building qualities. So no wonder that the majority of our new clients come upon recommendation and via referral of founders, investors, and many other long-term partners in various startup ecosystems across Europe, the USA, and Asia.

And in the end, it's all the members of our weCrew, their brilliant ideas and many years of experience, that make a real difference and genuine impact for all the fast-growing companies we work with. Being passionate about scaling internationally and supporting founders with it, simply goes a long way.

Do you also want to grow and scale internationally?

Get in touch with us - we are looking forward to getting to know you.


Capital C, Weesperplein 4B, 1018 XA Amsterdam

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