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French Partners

At weGrow our moonshot is to impact 100.000+ founders and we help startups towards becoming successful internationally and to expand into new markets. Our partners help us achieve this by providing a platform to connect with founders and enable their growth.

In France, we work with three key partners: Paris & Co, Business France and Euratechnologies.

👥 With these partners, we help French startups grow internationally with the right networks, access and tools. Our partnerships include

  • Office Hours

We carry out 1-1 calls with founders who have questions and need advice on their international expansion.

  • Webinars

We participate in many webinars where we thoroughly discuss our methods, tools and provide expert insights on the importance of markets, talents and capital during international expansion. We also explain adapting to business cultures through case studies and workshops

💡 Our latest webinar focused on tackling the 7 hurdles to international expansion, where co-founder Florent Coudyser, explained how to overcome typical growth barriers including

  1. when to start

  2. where to go

  3. how to set up a proper expansion strategy

  4. setting up a good internal organisation

  5. hiring the right talents

  6. having enough budget

  7. finding capital

Find out more information here.

weGrow is here to help you overcome all 7 hurdles, so contact us immediately to discuss your growth journey!

👉 Check our internationalisation checklist here.



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