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Honeypot use case - Design and build the international growth engine of Honeypot

Updated: Mar 2, 2020

With Honeypot, weGrow have focussed on both internal and external factors when defining the strategy on which markets to go and how to roll out in those markets successfully.

Want to read the full story? Download the Honeypot Use Case

Honeypot is a developer-focused job platform, matching tech talent with companies.

- Founded in 2015 in Berlin, Germany

- 100 employees in Germany & The Netherlands

- Acquired by XING in 2019

In a highly competitive landscape, Honeypot wants to claim the European market before other competitors do. But: Which markets to be conquered first? Where and how to start?

In order to achieve rapid but sustainable international growth, Honeypot partnered with weGrow.

The weGrow team does not feel like a typical team of consultants. Our internationalisation journey with Honeypot has benefited strongly from weGrow’s on point project management, very hands-on support and expertise and their really great team that is a pleasure to work with.

Kaya Taner - co-founder & CEO

The results:

- 100% clarity on market opportunities and launch priorities - 1st market successfully launched - SPEED in recruitment - New international launch team set up to ensure further growth

And more...

Want to read the full story? Download the Honeypot Use Case

Video: Interview with Kaya Taner co-founder of Honeypot and Florent Coudyser co-founder of weGrow.


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