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Learning how to “ride the wave” and win new markets

Updated: May 7, 2021

During market disruptions, companies who survive are those who have understood the new demand and shifted their value propositions accordingly.

In an interview with Cross-Border Magazine, weGrow co-founder Gernot Schwendtner, outline's how to grow during market disruptions by looking at: - the importance of staying up to date with trends

- preparing for international expansion

- entering new markets successfully.

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Adapting to new trends

  • Digitalisation

    • Clients are demanding more fast and efficient digital solutions

    • Successful companies understand the need to pivot their proposition to the customers

  • Omni-channels

    • Clients are demanding faster purchasing journeys

    • Companies can use hyper-automated engagement and efficient online strategies to engage with customers

Riding the ‘international expansion’ wave

  • Do your research!

    • Just because certain elements work in the home market - does not mean they can be copy and pasted into new markets

  • Avoid mistakes and de-risk your expansion

    • Look how to adjust your business accordingly to the demands of the new market, local culture and new trends

At weGrow we provide companies with tools such as a growth readiness check, to make sure that all stakeholders are aware of the necessary key items to de-risk expansion. You need to assess your company’s strengths and weaknesses, and position your business in the new market - hence, do not rush into expansion.

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