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Meet the CEO - Meet weGrow

Starting and growing a company is hard work If you try to go international and have to face challenges of countries you maybe have never been to by yourself.

Dealing with local authorities, culture and laws can be hard but, to grow in a market, it is essential to know what customers really want, how marketing and sales structures work efficiently and what social skills are expected in the market. As a foreigner, this challenge is tough to achieve - and help is at hand. weGrow International was there more than 4 years ago and today we want to introduce you to our culture, challenges and values.

Through the eyes and experience of Gernot Schwendtner, co-founder of weGrow, and Stephan Grad, moderator at Meet the CEO, you can learn the story, how we do things and the people at weGrow International.

🗣 The following topics are covered:

  1. Do you want to know more about our co-Founders?

  2. Who can start a business, what traits help in this industry?

  3. How can you deal with personal and professional life by having your own business?

  4. What are the struggles of founders?

  5. How do you find talents and how do you manage an international team?

... and much more. Are you eager to learn more and listen to our story?

👉 👉 You can find the complete podcast both on Spotify and Apple Podcast.



Capital C, Weesperplein 4B, 1018 XA Amsterdam

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