ScaleUp Globally Program

Updated: May 21

weGrow partnered with the Austrian Chamber of Commerce for an international expansion program.

The 8-week program introduces 8 founders to the fundamentals of international expansion. In 4 workshops and several 1-on-1 coachings they learn all the in's and out's of international expansion. Including: market opportunities, Go-To-Market strategies, hiring international talent, funding and local insights.

Goals of the program

  • Introduce fundamentals of international expansion

  • Equip with the methodology to select the right markets and build an entry strategy

  • Learn from seasoned experts, market representatives and fellow entrepreneurs


The program is designed for (co-) founders and management team members.

The 8 companies include:


Leftshift One focuses in the field of artificial intelligence (AI). The have developed the “Artificial Intelligence Operating System by Leftshift One” – an operating environment for AI. The AI OS functions as both, a toolbox for a variety of AI skills, as well as a foundation for creating and running tailor-made AI products with said skills.


Being the inventor of Eye Hyper-Tracking® and pioneering the Digital Iris® technology, they constantly strive to create a new depth of connection between people and between people and the digital world.

Their smart glasses are used by customers worldwide for applications from remote maintenance and live consulting to efficient training and video documentation.


HELFERLINE revolutionises IT support for private customers and small businesses. Instead of relying on a few permanently employed technicians, they have built up a large network of hundreds of technology professionals ("little helpers"), who are networked via a specially developed app.


Delivers innovative, fully integrated software solutions to operate autonomous, self-navigating, and co-operative mobile shuttles.

The major goal of incubed IT is to develop high-level software to realise the vision of a self-organising fleet of autonomous, intelligent, and co-operative mobile robots that solve common tasks in different fields of application.


Damn Plastic wants to provide all the products necessary to make single-use plastic-free partying and living possible! And all this without the need of changing behaviour. Focused on providing plastic-Free packaging solution and being a zero-waste event management company.