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Trusted Shops journey to finding the right talent

Updated: May 7, 2021

Finding talents matching the company culture and ambitions are necessary to dive into new market.

Trusted Shops offers the tools and services needed to ensure trust in the digital transformation.

Their trustmark and feedback system brings real transparency, guarantee and security to all digital sectors.

Since being founded in 1999, they now 600+ employees and 20+ million online customers! Some of their clients include Asos, M&S, New Look and more!

The Puzzle

  • Trusted Shops entered the Dutch sales market and wanted to grow local team

  • Wanted to hire talents which matched the company's growth ambitions and culture

How to build a local team from abroad?

The result

  • weGrow sourced a full pipeline of over a 1000 talents - from which all hires were made

  • weGrow carried out with Trusted Shops weekly recruitment meeting to ensure all hiring managers were onboarded properly

“During the interim period Saskia not only hired sales consultants for our Benelux market but also successfully worked her way into the dutch team rapidly. She was able to contribute intensively to management sensitivity with regards to recruitment activities.”

Marco Garbrecht

Recruitment Director

Want to know more about this success story? Download the full case study here.

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