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Our successes

Some of the companies we help scaling:

Their testimonials

Natascha Chamuleau,
VP Global Ad Sales & Brand Partnerships
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"The “Eiffel Tower” strategy we developed together with weGrow worked out great!

We are now collaborating with leading brands such as Saint Laurent, KENZO & Chanel globally.

The results speak for themselves: 298% YoY growth in net revenue."

298% Growth in France

Kaya Taner - founder Honeypot.png

Kaya Taner, 

Co-Founder & CEO

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Omer Ginor

COO, Ticketswap 

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Rob van Nuenen

CEO, Channable 


Yorick Bruins

Co-founder, Wakuli 

"The weGrow team does not feel like a typical team of consultants. Our internationalisation journey with Honeypot has benefited strongly from weGrow’s on point project management, very hands-on support and expertise and their really great team that is a pleasure to work with."

“weGrow has added a lot of value to our company. We already see now the positive vibe and internal alignment it brought towards conquering the world! Thanks to the structured approach, the challenging questions and tools of weGrow, we were able to make a well-founded decision on our future growth.’’   

“10/10! The experts have been helpful and trustful

for sharing their ideas and knowledge. weGrow have provided great support on everything marketing-related, prospects and business development. Our team has learned so much from this fruitful collaboration.”

“weGrow’s guidance helped us define which prerequisites were necessary for our expansion. They gathered important native insights to define which markets were best suited for Wakuli’s successful growth!”

Yorick Bruins

Co-founder, Wakuli 

Why He Thinks We're Great

‘’Razor-sharp, knowledgeable and fun to work with. weGrow helped us sharpening our focus and approach every session again, while providing many practical tips and examples from his past experience. It is amazing to see how much we have learned and tuned along the way’’

Arjan Tabak , Managing Director Sensar

Ajar Tabak,
Managing Director

 “Our business is very tech and developer focussed. Having a commercial partner like weGrow on board, helping us with international marketing and sales topics is incredibly valuable and also very much needed to grow even faster. ”

Nico Vierhout



Nico Vierhout.png
Nico Vierhout

Why He Thinks We're Great

Why He Thinks We're Great

“I love working with you guys! +700% growth for the French market - amazing! 

For defining the international market roll-out strategy, weGrow is the best party to work with.”

Thijs Verheul, Co-Founder United Wardrobe

Thijs Verheul,
Founder United Wardrobe

Why He Thinks We're Great

As an investor and company factory, we value professionalism and expertise a lot. Working with weGrow, we got both. And local market knowledge on top. Personally, I liked the combined strategic and fast, hands-on approach - fits my preferred way of working.

Martin Bjergegaard, co-founder Rainmaking Ventures

Martin Bjergegaard, Rainmaking Ventures
Martin Bjergegaard,
Rainmaking Ventures

Why He Thinks We're Great

“You make our international expansion faster and better. Within weeks we had a validated strategy for our first market. You helped us a lot structuring ideas, aligning our team and identifying growth potential. Partnering with weGrow gives us a lot of confidence to expand further.”

Constantin Wintoniak, CEO & co-founder Prescreen