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Helping founders to raise capital

weGrow Capital

What We Do

Combining our strategic perspective and deep, yet extensive pan-EU investor network, we help founders raise capital from great investors who are:

  • The right fit for you (the founder) and your team

  • Are aligned with your company’s vision, mission and ambition

  • Have the right expertise & industry depth to accelerate your next step

Who we work with

Though we are happy to discuss how we can support you, our typical start-ups are:

  • Seed, Bridge & Series A (+ Subsidies)

  • Based primarily in Europe & looking to raise in Europe

  • Saas, Marketplace & eCommerce

  • Raising between € 500k up to € 10M

How we do it

weGrow has a high-level method to our fundraising support, but we also acknowledge that every team, start-up and situation are different - so remain flexible in order to best complement and ensure the most successful outcome!


Our high-level efforts typically consist of:

  1. Get introduced, understand your situation & align on funding needs

  2. Gather requisite information (Internal documents, stakeholder interviews & weGrow led due diligence checklist)

  3. Work together to build, iterate and convey the fundraising & growth story

  4. Engage & socialize with initial investors, garner feedback and refine the pitch

  5. Push for term sheets with target investor list

  6. Evaluate term sheets, respond & finalize

  7. Celebrate!

Who we are


Arjan Brienen

M&A and Finance Expert

Experienced Corporate Finance and Strategy consultant. Successfully executed over 40 transactions within various industries (mid-market).

Competence: Business valuation, growth finance, M&A and strategy & business planning

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Jordan Mackenzie


With financial expertise as a Chartered Accountant, extensive training in strategy and management and broad start-up advisory and fundraising skills — Jordan has the right skillset to structure, lead and drive your successful fundraising efforts.

Competence: Financial modelling & analysis, business valuation and growth strategy

In Conclusion

We get our jollies by helping start-up teams succeed and if raising capital is the right next step for you - we would love nothing more than to help you execute that successfully. [Conversely, if we don’t think this is the right step for you… we won’t be shy in letting you know!]


Schedule a call with us today to discuss how we can support you in taking the next big step to EU (& world) domination!

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