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weGrow Talents

What We Do

We hire the right talents who fit your company culture and build efficient HR processes to help you scale internationally.

Plus, we give you access to the large weGrow Talents Network.

Talent Search

Hiring the right talent is essential.

When your company is scaling, it is crucial to attract and engage international talents while maintaining the company culture.

We are not just a recruitment agency.

  • We act as your own recruitment business partner and make sure we find and select the best international talents to help you set up, launch, or grow your business.

  • We help you identify these key entrepreneurial talents and strengthen your employer branding. Set up talent pools to also support you for future growth while we focus on ensuring quality hires.

  • We deliver quality through a strong recruitment process, assessments, recommendations, and our large weGrow network of highly skilled professionals within the startups and scale-up industry. 

Recruitment as a Service

Do you need to scale fast but you don’t have the resources to do so? 

Our experts like to roll up their sleeves and support you with the entire recruitment process from A to Z.

     A to Z recruitment process

  • From setting up or improving the processes, dashboards, and systems.

  • To hands-on sourcing, interviewing, and onboarding of your new hires.

This interim solution helps you de-risk your payroll while getting the best out of an inhouse talent acquisition specialist. 

Process Improvement 

When scaling your business it’s very important to have the right tools and processes in place. We support you in building a strong company culture where talent thrives and you are prepared for hyper growth.

Shaping the future of your organisation now

Are you currently spending a lot of time on your recruitment process without the qualitative results? 

Our experts will support you in improving, automating and scaling your recruitment and HR.

  • Implementing an Application Tracking System that fits your needs and supports you in the desired growth.

  • Improving and optimising your conversions on the talent funnel 

  • Interview steps and assessments to ensure the highest quality hires

  • Interview training to make sure your managers are able to hire the right competencies aligned with your strategy 

Meet our HR expert

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Saskia Rademaker

Enthusiastic and result-driven Talent Manager with a broad range of experience in international startups, scale-ups and venture capital ranging from the field of travel, finance and retail to deep tech and sustainability. Specializing in finding the right entrepreneurial talent that fits your company culture. Bringing a data-driven approach to support your companies growth as talent is one of the biggest assets. 

“ People are the most important asset of a growing business” 

How we make the difference

weGrow connects people. We have helped 45+ companies to set up their international teams all around Europe. Here are some of our successes!

SPEED in recruitment - Austria country manager and core team onboarded within 4 weeks

Kaya Taner - founder Honeypot.png

Kaya Taner, 

Co-Founder & CEO

Honeypot logo.png
"Our internationalisation journey with Honeypot has benefited strongly from weGrow’s on point project management, very hands-on support and expertise and their really great team that is a pleasure to work with."

EFFICIENT Hire - Matching company's ambitions and culture

Marco Garbrecht

Recruitment Director

"weGrow expert Saskia worked her way into
the Dutch team rapidly and was able to contribute intensively to management sensitivity with regards to recruitment activities"

QUALIFIED Hire - New Head of Marketing found & onboarded

Menno Kolkert.png

Menno Kolkert,

Co-founder & CEO

PlotProject logo.png
“What I appreciate, is having weGrow as experienced builders on board for helping us on a strategic level while, producing quick-wins on the go.”

Call us!

Are you looking to hiring new international talents, improve your recruitment processes, and scale your organisation? Then schedule a call with Saskia and see how weGrow can help you. 

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