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How Leadinfo took its first international growth steps in 2020

Updated: May 21, 2021

Leadinfo is a great tool for companies to identify B2B website visitors. It’s simple and real-time.

Founded in Rotterdam in 2017 by Han Kleppe, who was driven by the idea that it should be much easier to understand who visits your website. Having better insights on B2B visitors enables companies to take better decisions and actions based on data. It serves companies such as Philips, NIBC, Heineken, Creditsafe, Emerce, and many others.

weGrow x Leadinfo collaboration in 2020

☑️ Identified the right market(s)

☑️ Provided strong expertise, especially in Germany

☑️ Provided talents - 2 German experts to prepare and launch

☑️ Created a trusted relationship - Leadinfo counts on weGrow to continue its further international expansion

Key Takeaways

  1. Sharpen your value proposition vs the competition Explain the strong benefits your potential clients can have versus other vendors

  2. Know which markets to focus on Leadinfo chose Germany because they already had customers there, less competition and good start-up culture.

  3. When expanding abroad, expect to start from zero again Need to have a good local team and foothold

  4. Transfer learnings for continued growth Leadinfo is now expanding to further regions by leveraging its takeaways

  5. Internationalisation takes some time! Crisis stalled the launch, know inside-out the legal system in target market, calculate prices, translations and adapting to culture, product kick-off in the target market might take longer etc…

To conclude, weGrow successfully helped Leadinfo to expand to new markets such as Germany, by using personalised coaching, providing thorough market research of competition, prices, regulations and so forth, and helping set up local teams.

We are excited to team-up further with Leadinfo and excited to keep being part of their internationalisation journey!

Watch the video below to know more.



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